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The Netbook of Magical Treasures is a compilated work of many different D&D enthusiast who have taken the time to contribute and refine their many works and ideas so that they may share them with the rest of the gaming community. This team of writers and reviewers strive to bring forth a quality netbook, that contains quality material that can be used in almost any campaign setting and can be used in conjunction with the basic materials and game rules for the game we all love.

News, August 16, 2006

After a lot of consideration as the new material was developing me and my partner decided that if we were going to put the netbook forward in a 3.5 version than we should make significant changes to look of the book, the layout, and navigation. So we postponed the release and had shot for summer release of some sort. We were hoping to get some more art into the new book and have accomplished some of that though not as much as we had hoped for. At the same time .pdf navigation has been improved to not only go to certain catagories, but also to move from item to item. It looks good.

Team Leader of the NboMT, Micah Higgins.


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